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NSW drug report welcomed
Tuesday, February 18, 2014

“I welcome the report of the NSW General Purpose Standing Committee No 2 on drug and alcohol treatment,” FamilyVoice NSW state officer Graeme Mitchell said today.  “In particular, I welcome the Committee’s recommendation to research the efficacy of naltrexone implants in conjunction with comprehensive psychosocial treatment for addicts – compared with other approaches.  I congratulate the NSW Government for supporting the Committee’s recommendation.” 

Last year FamilyVoice made a written submission to the Committee’s drug and alcohol treatment inquiry, and Graeme Mitchell and national president Dr David Phillips gave evidence at a public hearing, advocating a drug-free approach as opposed to harm minimisation, and arguing against opioid substitution.

“The WA Government has funded research by Professor Gary Hulse of the University of Western Australia on the effectiveness of naltrexone implants in helping drug addicts live lasting drug-free lives.  We are keen to see the evidence base develop,” Graeme Mitchell said.

“We, like the NSW Government, want to see a reduction in alcohol and drug related violence in our community.  But we believe the Government’s so-called ‘harm minimisation’ policies have not worked – and we continue to call for reform in this key area.”


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