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New book by Bill Muehlenberg!
Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Dangerous Relations

by Bill Muehlenberg

reviewed by Ros Phillips, national research officer, FamilyVoice Australia


Bill Muehlenberg’s first book on homosexuality – Strained Relations – filled a big gap in the market.  Now in its fourth printing, it provides easy-to-read scientific evidence about the incidence, origins, mental and physical health risks of homosexuality – along with a clear explanation of biblical teaching.

Bill’s second book – Dangerous Relations – is a worthy sequel.  It provides documented answers to the glib arguments and slogans that homosexual activists use to deceive the public and gullible journalists.

In his first chapter, Bill documents scores of newspaper and other reports where courts have punished Christian businesses with huge fines, merely for acting according to their conscience.  For example, Christian bakers and venue owners have politely declined to make cakes for or host same-sex weddings, even suggesting alternative providers.  But alternatives did not satisfy the activists. They wanted their pound of flesh.

Bill quotes blogger Matt Walsh, who says (p 56): “I can’t force a Jewish deli to serve me with non-kosher meat.  I can’t force a homosexual sign company to print me a Homosexual sex is a sin banner… I can’t force a Muslim caterer to serve pork…

“I can’t force a private citizen to involve himself in something he finds abhorrent, objectionable or sinful.  And do you know what?  I would never try.  Maybe that’s what separates liberty lovers from liberals … theirs is truly an ideology of compulsion.”

Bill Muehlenberg has been a courageous warrior for truth over many years.  Now, when religious freedom is under greater threat than at any time in living memory, his new book is a must-read. 


  • Christianity and culture
  • Marriage and sexuality

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