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Male and female He created us
Thursday, April 3, 2014

Male and female He created us

“As the new blockbuster movie Noah reminds us, the Creator created us,” FamilyVoice research officer Ros Phillips said today.  “Indeed, just a few chapters before the Noah story in the Bible, Genesis 1:27 points out that ‘male and female He created (us)’.  Someone should have told the High Court!


“Over 99.9% of us are born with XY (male) sex chromosomes or XX (female) sex chromosomes,” Ros Phillips said.  “Fewer than one in four thousand are born with ambiguous sex organs, and fewer than one in 20,000 are born with androgen insensitivity syndrome that makes males appear female – but these people can usually choose the sex they feel comfortable with.  They do not need, nor would they want, to be described as neither male nor female.  The case of Norrie, whose High Court ruling was handed down yesterday, is quite different.”


Norrie was born biologically male, but a gender dysphoria condition led to surgery to remove his male genitals.  Under current law, Norrie could validly choose to be known as either male or female – indeed Norrie’s lawyer and the media are referring to Norrie as “she” and “her”.


“What was the problem?  It seems that Norrie has already chosen, via surgery, to be considered female, but is now having second thoughts,” Ros Phillips said.  “Hard cases like Norrie’s make bad law.


“The High Court judgment will only add to the confusion that many children are already suffering in our topsy-turvy world.”






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