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Luke Batty’s murder: the unanswered questions
Tuesday, February 18, 2014

“The tragic murder of Luke Batty has left our nation in shock – and a brave mother in mourning – but there are important questions we need to address as we grapple with this,”  FamilyVoice Australia Victoria state officer Peter Stevens said today. 

“Luke’s murderer, his father Greg Anderson, had been arrested three months earlier for viewing child porn in a public library.  He was also a heavy user of cannabis – which is linked with sometimes violent schizophrenia, paranoia and depression. 

Did violent child porn and/or cannabis play a part in last week’s tragic events?

“Porn promotes sexual violence.  Men who have been taught by pornography to reject all balanced respect for women live constantly on the verge of real violence against vulnerable women and children,” Peter Stevens said.

“We also need to be discussing the risks posed to children associated with the breakdown of the traditional family.  As Dr Jeremy Sammut has shown, having children out of wedlock is statistically risky, even though many single parents do a good job. 

The silence on these issues is costing us all.”


  • Family and parenthood
  • Human life and dignity

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