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Long daycare is a form of abuse: child expert
Thursday, September 18, 2014

“An Australian child health expert has warned of the harm done to babies placed in long daycare,” FamilyVoice research officer Ros Phillips said today.

Dr Sue Packer, respected paediatrician and vice-president of Australia’s leading advocacy body for prevention of child abuse and neglect, also said that lack of communication between parents and their young children could be a contributing factor to Australia's alarming rate of depression and suicide in youths.

Dr Packer said the growing numbers of young children in long daycare are effectively part of a “social experiment”.

She said the amount of time parents spend with their children is plummeting.  And while she does not approve of any form of physical punishment, she said lack of parental attention to children is more damaging than a smack.

Ros Phillips said Dr Packer’s comments reinforce the recent FamilyVoice submission on the draft Productivity Commission report on childcare and early learning.

“The Productivity Commission – and the Abbott government – need to recognise that policies penalising parents who care for their own babies while rewarding parents in the paid workforce who leave their babies in long daycare, could damage future generations. 

“These policies will not increase productivity in the long run.  Instead, governments should provide the same childcare subsidies to all parents, whether they do their own care or outsource it,” Ros Phillips said.


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