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Healing addicts is better than needle vending machines
Thursday, February 6, 2014

“The new proposal for drug needle vending machines will not achieve improved outcomes for addicts’ health or public safety,” FamilyVoice Australia Victoria state officer Peter Stevens said today.

“There is a much better way to deal with the growing problem of injecting illicit drug users. Western Australia’s government-backed Fresh Start program – led by addiction specialist Dr George O’Neil – has helped a huge number of addicts quit drugs, retrain for healthy living, and go on to lead productive lives.

“Healing addicts helps cut the number of drug dealers and the need for clean needles in one blow,” Peter Stevens said. “In the long run it is far cheaper than the revolving door that most Victorian drug rehab centres have become. It is good for the economy and great for human happiness.

“I urge Premier Napthine to give Fresh Start a try!”


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