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Has the PM gone to pot?
Thursday, September 18, 2014

Tony Abbott’s recent letter to Alan Jones, saying he has ‘no problem’ legalising cannabis for medicinal purposes, should send shudders up the spines of parents, teachers, police and hospital administrators,” FamilyVoice research officer Ros Phillips said today.

“Crude cannabis – which the PM’s letter seems to be talking about – is not like opiate medication such as morphine, currently approved by the TGA for restricted use in highly controlled doses.

“A TGA-approved cannabis equivalent called Sativex – a balanced extract, delivered as a spray – is already legally available in Australia.  But crude cannabis is not balanced, and doses cannot be controlled. 

“We already know what has happened in US states such as Colorado and Washington that have legalised medical cannabis use.  People quickly got the message that because cannabis is an official ‘medicine’, it must be safe,” Ros Phillips said.

“Surprise, surprise – Colorado citizens claiming to suffer a terminal illness or chronic pain in those states have been able to sell some of their ‘medicine’ to others.  The resulting cannabis addiction, school drop-outs, road fatalities, depression, suicide and other side effects have hurt rather than helped.

Tony Abbott, Alan Jones and Mike Baird should do their homework,” Ros Phillips said.


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