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Good news for newspaper editors, teachers and preachers
Monday, October 13, 2014

“The final report of the National Curriculum review is good news for all Australians – particularly newspaper editors, teachers and preachers,” FamilyVoice Australia research officer Ros Phillips said today.

“The report recommends a return to systematic phonics instead of ‘sight words’ in the first year of school – enabling kids to decipher all words, not just guess or learn some by heart as if they were Chinese characters.”

Ros Phillips said that many students who have learned to read by the “whole language” approach, used in most schools since 1970, are disadvantaged. “They don’t buy newspapers. They can’t read medicine labels. They don’t progress in other subjects. They don’t read the Bible,” she said.

Other report recommendations include reducing the size of the curriculum to allow more flexibility, and teaching about key factors including our Judeo-Christian heritage, that have made Australia the successful, harmonious democracy it is today. “The FamilyVoice submission to the review strongly supported these changes,” Ros Phillips said. “We congratulate the reviewers – Dr Kevin Donnelly and Professor Ken Wiltshire. Well done!”


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