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Euthanasia’s slope just got slipperier
Friday, February 14, 2014

“Euthanasia advocates say they only want it available for a very small number of older people of sound mind in the terminal phase of a terminal illness, suffering unendurable pain, who have asked for it without any form of coercion,” FamilyVoice Australia research officer Ros Phillips said today.

“Now the Belgian parliament has shown how false is this claim – after voting last night to legalise death by doctor at any stage of life, including childhood and babyhood. Euthanasia’s ‘slippery slope’ just got slipperier,” she said.

Belgium legalised euthanasia for adults in 2002, with allegedly tight safeguards against abuse. But 2010 studies found that a third of euthanasia cases in the Flemish part of Belgium occurred without consent, and over half were not reported at all.

“Now Belgian children may be euthanased. How low has Belgium slid!” Ros Phillips said.

“FamilyVoice is sending ten questions, including one on euthanasia, to candidates standing for election in the states of South Australia and Tasmania on 15 March. We will post the answers on our website in coming weeks – and hope voters will note the responses before deciding how to number their preferences on polling day.

“It could ultimately be a matter of life and death,” she said.


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