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Zoe’s Law upholds humanity of the unborn
Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mum Brodie Donegan – whose unborn baby Zoe was tragically killed by a drugged driver in 2009

“I thank the 63 NSW Lower House MPs who voted to uphold justice for the unborn – despite intense opposition from radical feminist forces,” FamilyVoice state officer Graeme Mitchell said today.

“The passage of Zoe’s Law (63:26) today is significant for those who tragically lose a baby due to violent or negligent behaviour. It is about valuing the life of an unborn child.

Organisations such as the Women’s Electoral Lobby, Family Planning NSW and Destroy the Joint had combined to campaign against the law.

“They fear that introducing a criminal offence against an unborn child would change the way a foetus is regarded. Their fears are groundless, however, given that the bill works within the framework of existing grievous bodily harm offences, and excludes medical procedures,” NSW state officer Graeme Mitchell said.

“I encourage all members of the NSW Legislative Council to support this bill to recognise the unborn.”


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