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Why is gay marriage the biggest issue for FamilyVoice?
Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Why does FamilyVoice focus on upholding and defending marriage? We hope our response to this reader gives you some insight into why we do what we do – and the heart behind it.

N’s email:

Hi, my name is N and I'm a Christian who has been receiving your letters in the post for the past six months. After reading your newsletters I am always puzzled and disappointed with issues described to me at hand.

Why is gay marriage the largest issue and why is it so focused on?

I used to understand why gay marriage wasn't necessary and I didn't support it. But after having spent the past six months reading about the overdramatic and just plain rude views on gay marriage that FamilyVoice has displayed, I feel no desire to support you. As a Christian I want to be able to support you, but everytime, I am so put off by the fact that you declare gay marriage as almost the only issue Australia is facing.

I don't see what you are trying to do for the people of Australia.  All that I see is you arguing against fellow Australians and not actually displaying how to care for and work together with the whole of Australia.

Same-sex marriage is of course a little uncomfortable for others, and appears wrong and is unnatural. But why can't we just leave them be and stop restricting them just for our own personal opinions? You do not have to support their wishes but as a Christian, show that you care about more serious issues that affect all of us so that we can work together, rather than fight against?


Our response:

Dear N, thanks for expressing your thoughts.

A fair reading of our magazines in the last year would show that the push for same-sex “marriage” is just one of many issues we cover – our in-depth VoxBriefs reflect other priorities of FamilyVoice:

Defending marriage is one of our priority issues because natural marriage is the building block of society. God instituted marriage for the good of mankind, for the protection and dignity of women and the flourishing of human society.

Destroy natural marriage and you destroy the natural family, where children know their roots and natural identity and have role models of both sexes to follow. 

Children lacking this sense of identity and genetic belonging are far more likely to suffer ongoing depression.  (See, for example, the testimony of Robert Oscar Lopez on page 4 of VoxLink September 2013.)

We believe Christians need to learn how to care for same-sex attracted people. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be lacking in our churches. We need to do better.

Meanwhile, across Australia, children of broken marriages are suffering. The push to 'redefine' marriage would unleash harmful ripple effects affecting our whole society. 

We believe upholding marriage between a man and a woman is crucial to the wellbeing of Australian society – so that future generations can continue to enjoy growing up in a stable home. Our work focuses on promoting natural marriage as the best for families, and our society as a whole - the best for the common good.


  • Marriage and sexuality

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