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What made the West great?
Friday, August 9, 2013

Bestselling author of The Book that Made Your World Dr Vishal Mangalwadi has stimulated audiences in Brisbane with his insights on what made the West great. 

In a nutshell, the answer is “Christianity”. 

“Christianity uniquely paved the way for freedom for the oppressed,” Vishal told the crowd of over 200 at the Mueller Performing Arts Centre, Rothwell last night – and a seminar at Beenleigh this morning.

“Christianity shaped the West into a thinking, humane, optimistic, just and moral civilisation,” he said. “It also inspired a search for truth - facilitating scientific, technological and economic success.”

Dr Mangalwadi was born and raised in India, where he studied philosophy – surrounded by Hindu, Buddhist and Islamic cultures. 

“Indian philosophical traditions do not cultivate the intellect,” he said.  “We believe rationality is a product of cosmic illusion – maya.  The Christian belief in the idea of logos, or the rational word, laid the foundations of modern Western civilisation.”  He urged Australia not to abandon these vital foundations. 

An audience member asked him why multiculturalism doesn’t seem to be working.

“Things don’t work when people are not bound together by one law and one God,” Vishal replied.

“Australia does not need to go into decline.  There is hope for renewal if we return to biblical values: upholding marriage, protecting life and preserving freedom.”

Dr Mangalwadi spent some years serving the poor in a rural area in central India – but was jailed for holding a prayer meeting.  While languishing in his cell, he began to ask the question: What makes a just and free society?  Over time, the answers changed his view of life.  His insights have the potential to change how we look at our nation now – and how we see Australia’s future.

Vishal will speak in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide and Perth in coming weeks.  Details at www.whatgood.net.au


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