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WA election survey: where the parties stand
Friday, March 1, 2013

“Responses to our WA election survey on family, faith and freedom issues show distinct differences between the parties,” FamilyVoice WA state officer David Lowe said today.
Some parties – such as the Australian Christians and Family First – supported the FamilyVoice stand on all ten issues, and scored 100.  These parties would support a tightening of the classification guidelines for computer games, would vote to keep brothels illegal in all parts of WA and to restore protection for unborn babies from abortion. 
Colin Barnett’s Liberal Party scored 62.  While supportive of Christian prayers in parliament, strong drug laws, a ban on pokies in pubs and clubs and freedom of conscience for private hospitals, the Liberals would ban brothels in residential areas only, and would not tighten games guidelines.  They have no plans to change WA abortion laws.  Colin Barnett opposes legal euthanasia, but it is a conscience vote for his party.  The Liberals pointed out that marriage is a matter for the federal parliament only, but would allow a conscience vote.
The Nationals had no party policy on any survey question, so their score was 50 (5 points for “unsure” on all ten questions).  “We have not yet been able to obtain individual responses from Nationals candidates,” David Lowe said.
Mark McGowan’s Labor Party scored 46.  They would keep the pokies ban and have no plans to remove parliamentary prayers.  Euthanasia is a conscience vote for Labor MPs, but Mr McGowan would be prepared to introduce a euthanasia bill if elected.  His party would not tighten games guidelines, repeal homosexual adoption or allow private hospitals religious freedom.
The Greens had the lowest score of 28.  They scored 10 for one question – the ban on pokies – but were negative on all other issues.  
“Our scoring was designed to encourage honest answers,” David Lowe said.  “Outright opposition scored 2, probably not:  3, unsure:  5, probably: 7, yes definitely: 10.”
For the full responses of the major parties, check the FamilyVoice website, http://www.fava.org.au/election-surveys/western-australia/
Individual candidate scores  are expected to be added in the days leading up to the election on 9 March.


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