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Vishal Mangalwadi: Australia may lose capacity to repay debt
Thursday, August 15, 2013

As the latest Treasury figures confirm Australia’s national deficit of $30 billion, Indian philosopher Dr Vishal Mangalwadi warns that worse news may be on its way.  Australia could lose its capacity to repay mounting debts.

“When fewer people believe that the nation is God’s invention, fewer people will pay taxes,” the bestselling author of The Book that Made Your World told ABC radio’s Steve Austin in Brisbane this week.

Dr Mangalwadi explained that self-sacrifice for one’s nation is a peculiarly biblical idea.  He said the Bible has sown unique seeds in Western culture – allowing science, technology, human rights and families to thrive.

“People in India are good at evading tax,” he said.  “Why do Australians pay tax?  It is a matter of conscience – shaped by biblical ideas.

“As a result, the world still trusts the West.  Chinese are investing in Australia, even though their economy is booming at a much quicker rate.

“But as the West’s culture changes, billionnaires will hire Indians to evade taxes.  Australia’s capacity to repay its debt will go – and it will lead to the next global Armageddon,” Vishal said.

He spoke at a National Press Club breakfast in Canberra this morning, and will explain “What Good is Christianity?” in Melbourne at a forum in Wantirna tomorrow evening, and at a seminar in Scoresby on Saturday morning.

Dr Mangalwadi spent some years serving the poor in a rural area in central India – but was jailed for holding a prayer meeting.  While languishing in his cell, he began to ask the question: What makes a just and free society?  Over time, the answers changed his view of life.  His insights have the potential to change how we look at our nation now – and how we see Australia’s future.

Vishal will speak in Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide and Perth in coming weeks.  Details at www.whatgood.net.au


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