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Unjust law puts GP at risk: reform needed
Tuesday, October 8, 2013


“Many Victorians are outraged at the possible deregistration of Dr Mark Hobart,” FamilyVoice Victoria state officer Peter Stevens said today.  “This caring Melbourne GP is being investigated because he  did the right thing by refusing to refer a healthy unborn baby girl for abortion when her parents wanted a boy.  How topsy-turvey have our values become when a doctor can be punished for trying to save a human life!

“Over the past year, I have heard from many Victorians who are aghast at the injustice of Section 8 of Victoria’s Abortion Law Reform Act,” Pastor Stevens said.   For some years, doctors have spoken out against the removal of their right to conscientious objection.  There is a strong community desire for law reform in this area.

“Three months ago I presented an open letter signed by 4000 Victorians to Premier Denis Napthine (below), urging him to return freedom of conscience to our medical practitioners.

Open letters to Denis Napthine on Section 8 of abortion laws

“The state-sponsored persecution of Dr Mark Hobart is an outrage.   Our parliament should act urgently to overturn this injustice,” Pastor Stevens said.



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