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True marriage is a vote-winner
Monday, May 6, 2013

“It’s time politicians on both sides of the world woke up and smelt the coffee,” says FamilyVoice Australia’s Tasmania State Officer Mr Jim Collins, following election wins in both the UK (Thursday) and Tasmania (Saturday) for candidates supporting man-woman marriage.

“The results of Saturday’s elections for three Tasmanian upper house seats should send a clear message,” said Mr Collins. “Despite an aggressive campaign against our so-called conservatives, asking voters to reject their stance against same-sex marriage – there were decisive victories for true marriage in all three seats.”

Independent MLC Jim Wilkinson held his seat in Nelson with 52 per cent of the first preference vote. Liberal Vanessa Goodwin was returned with 51 per cent in Pembroke. In the seat of Montgomery, new Liberal candidate Leonie Hiscutt won against the local mayor, 56 to 44 per cent on a two-party preferred basis.

“As ordinary Tasmanian families begin to busy themselves this week, there are plenty of higher priorities on their mind than the constant pressure for us to ‘redefine marriage’,” Jim Collins said. “Politicians need to listen to the voice of the people, and an election is the best opinion poll they can ever see. A firm stance for true marriage is clearly a vote winner.”

Mr Collins, who was born in England said: “The UK Conservative party has found this out to their cost. They suffered dramatic losses in last week’s local council elections, a direct result of David Cameron’s defiant support for same-sex marriage. The fledgling UKIP enjoyed a huge boost, in part because of their refusal to change the man-woman meaning marriage has always had.”

“At home in Tasmania, people seem to be sick and tired of the incessant push to legalise same-sex marriage. Redefining marriage in Australia is far from being inevitable, despite what we’re constantly told.

“Rodney Croome and other lobbyists infatuated with same-sex marriage need to take a cold shower,” Jim Collins said. “Voters have decisively rejected marriage redefinition – in federal parliament, in our Tassie upper house – and now in this weekend’s elections.

“With national elections this year, and our state leaders up before the people in early 2014, political pundits should be honest about what really wins votes!” he said.


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