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Ros responds to Matt Young on tradies
Friday, October 25, 2013

I'm amazed at how many readers took my press release so seriously - and how some people seem to think a "female-female" joint is the most common.  As a tradie said to me, "The simple fact is that the strongest joint is male-female."

A reader - a plumber - pointed out that "if we can't get male and female ends, we have to get two male ends, one slightly smaller than the other, and grease them right up to fit together.  Normally don't last long and have to be constantly repaired..."

But enough about tradies and joints!  The main point of my light-hearted release was that man-woman marriage is natural, and the only union that has the potential to create and raise children of the union with both male and female role models. 

Research shows overwhelmingly that in general, children do best when raised by their natural married mum and dad.  For example, the very large US Fourth National Incidence Study of Child Abuse and Neglect (2010 - 5-18ff) looked at six different family structures and found that on every measure, children were safest when living with their married biological mother and father.   

Even older or infertile married couples can provide both male and female role models for children in their care. 

Marriage is not primarily about love and companionship, although these are important.  Governments have no interest in registering our best friend(s), even though we may love them.  Governments only have an interest in registering marriages because of their potential to provide the next generation - our future - in the optimal environment. Marriage is biology, not bigotry.

Changing the meaning of marriage would undermine that widely accepted understanding - to Australia's detriment.

Ros Phillips


  • Marriage and sexuality

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