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Reporting an inconvenient truth
Monday, March 4, 2013

Herald Sun columnist Andrew Bolt broke a mainstream media drought today,” said FamilyVoice research officer Ros Phillips.

“He reported significant news which has been ignored by major outlets for 11 days: the Federal Court ruling by Justice Jayne Jagot that marriage is not discriminatory.”

 Justice Jagot’s common sense ruling was reported in a FamilyVoice media release last week (http://www.fava.org.au/news/2013/aussie-judge-rules-marriage-is-not-discriminatory/), an overseas website the week before, and in the gay press.  But Fairfax and News Limited papers, along with the ABC and commercial TV channels, were silent – until the Andrew Bolt column today.

 “The court ruling that there is no discrimination in man-woman marriage means that slogans such as Marriage Equality are misleading and wrong,” Ros Phillips said.  “This truth appears to be too inconvenient for most mainstream editors.

 “We now hope to see prominent reporting of the latest marriage-related news – a House of Representatives petition being circulated by the Polyamory Action Lobby, which reads:

 ‘For too long has Australia denied people the right to marry the ones they care about.  We find this abhorrent.  We believe that everyone should be allowed to marry their partners, and that the law should never be a barrier to love.  And that’s why we demand nothing less than the full recognition of polyamorous families.’

 “But recent experience suggests we should not hold our breath,” Ros Phillips said.


  • Marriage and sexuality

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