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NSW synthetic drug ban needs to go further
Thursday, August 8, 2013

“We congratulate South Australian Attorney-General John Rau for announcing tougher action on synthetic drugs – NSW, the federal government and other states should follow suit,” FamilyVoice Research Officer Ros Phillips said today.

Mr Rau has announced plans to follow Queensland’s lead in banning all synthetic drugs which mimic the effect of, or are sold as alternatives to, illegal drugs.

“NSW has implemented an interim ban on 19 synthetic drugs , but the deadly chemical NBOM-e, which we now know caused Sydney teenager Henry Kwan’s death, is still legal in that state,” Mrs Phillips said.

“NBOM-e should be banned – but given that new and different substances regularly appear on the drug market, it would be more effective to ban all substances intended to have an effect similar to a dangerous drug.

“This would prevent drug sellers from avoiding prosecution by changing names or chemical formulas.

“Doing so would strengthen Fair Trading Minister Anthony Roberts’s zero tolerance policy on synthetic drugs,” Ros Phillips said.


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