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NSW parliament report: marriage is best left to federal parliament
Friday, July 26, 2013

“FamilyVoice Australia welcomes one of the findings of the NSW Legislative Council inquiry into same-sex marriage – that marriage law is best left to the federal parliament,” FamilyVoice research officer Ros Phillips said today. 

The inquiry report said:

The Committee reached the conclusion that the New South Wales Parliament has the power to legislate on the topic of marriage, including same-sex marriage. However, if New South Wales chooses to exercise that power and enact a law for same-sex marriage, the law could be subject to challenge in the High Court of Australia. The outcome of such a case is uncertain and therefore equal marriage rights for all Australians may best be achieved under Commonwealth legislation.

“We congratulate MPS in the SA House of Assembly, who came to the same conclusion yesterday, defeating on the voices a South Australian bill to legalise same sex marriage,” Ros Phillips said.  “As several MPs pointed out, there is no great enthusiasm for state-based “same sex marriage” in the homosexual community.  Why would they want it, if their marriage would be invalid as soon as they crossed the Nullarbor, and divorces (of which there are likely to be many) could not be dealt with in the Family Court? 

“Spain, where marriage has included same-sex couples since 2005, has seen a dramatic drop in overall marriage rates since that time ,” Ros Phillips said.  “If you change the fundamental man-woman meaning of marriage, it soon ceases to have much meaning at all.  Many couples no longer bother. 

“The ultimate victims of same-sex marriage laws are children, who do best and are safest when raised by their natural married mum and dad.  We encourage all Australian MPs to keep the true meaning of marriage, for our future’s sake.”


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