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New gay parenting study queried
Thursday, June 6, 2013

“An interim report on a new research led by Dr Simon Crouch of Melbourne University, purporting to show benefits from gay parenting, raises more questions than answers,” FamilyVoice research officer Ros Phillips said today.

“Does Dr Crouch have an agenda?” Ros Phillips asked.  “His interim report is extremely brief, but his obvious conflict of interest should have been declared.

Above is a photo of Dr Crouch with his male partner and children, copied today from his Facebook page.  

“Moreover, it appears that the gay parents in his study were volunteers, mostly recruited from gay and lesbian venues and advertisements in the gay and lesbian media.  The parents would have known that their answers to the survey questions would have the potential for promoting the political campaign for same-sex marriage.

“This is not valid methodology,” Mrs Phillips said.  “It is the same type of flawed research used in other gay parenting studies, such as that published by Gartrell and Bos in 2010 – where lesbian couples with donor-conceived children were recruited from gay and lesbian venues and reported on their own children’s progress.  The parents were overwhelmingly Caucasian; two thirds were college-educated and 85% were in professional or managerial positions – unlike the control group.”

Ros Phillips said a review of 59 gay parenting studies, such as those cited by the Australian Medical Association to support claims that children raised in such families suffer no disadvantage, found that all had serious design flaws including small samples, invalid or no controls, and self-reporting.

“The Crouch study has similar flaws,” Ros Phillips said.  “It does not prove anything.”

An example of the online recruiting done for ACHESS: http://jacquitomlins.com/2012/12/22/an-early-christmas-present/


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