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High Court upholds common sense
Thursday, December 12, 2013

FamilyVoice President Dr David Phillips today praised the High Court’s “common sense” unanimous decision to overturn the ACT Marriage Equality Same-Sex Act.

“As judges’ comments during the hearing on 3 December made clear, the ACT law was never going to produce ‘equality’,” Dr Phillips said. “This law was about something other than the marriage every other Australian married couple has.”

The court said that the whole of the ACT Act has no effect because federal legislation – which defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman – is a comprehensive and exhaustive statement on the law of marriage.

“It is good to have judicial confirmation of what most Australians already knew – that any state or territory laws for so-called same-sex ‘marriage’ would be unconstitutional,” Dr Phillips said. “Debates in state parliaments on this issue have been a waste of time.”

Dr Phillips said that while the Court had ruled that federal parliament has the power to change the definition of marriage, such a change would not be in the best interests of Australian society.

“Calling a same-sex union ‘marriage’ would normalise the deliberate, artificial creation of children who would grow up without one of their biological parents,” Dr Phillips said.

“Most of the gay parenting studies touted in the media are seriously flawed, using volunteer parents who report on the progress of their own children. The only methodologically sound research shows that children are safest by far when raised by both their biological married parents.

“I hope that federal MPs will continue to recognise that marriage between a man and a woman has been recognised by governments and given status for one reason – that it provides the safest environment to raise the next generation, our nation’s future.”


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