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FamilyVoice slams new SA euthanasia push
Thursday, February 21, 2013

FamilyVoice Australia has urged SA State MPs to reject the latest euthanasia push.
In a scathing critique of the Ending Life with Dignity Bill, FamilyVoice state officer David d'Lima said Independent MP Bob Such’s latest proposal shows it would be impossible to control legal euthanasia.
"The bill makes no distinction between those who are close to death, and those who have been diagnosed with a specific terminal illness," FamilyVoice SA state officer David d'Lima said in a letter to South Australian MPs.  
“Diabetes is a terminal illness if left untreated,” Mr d’Lima said.  “The Such bill, if enacted, could allow people with diabetes who are not close to death to be given a lethal injection.
“The bill would also require the death certificate to contain false details – by recording cause of death as diabetes or some other condition, not the real cause which may be a deliberate dose of poison.”
David d’Lima said he was in the public gallery today and heard Labor MP Steph Key speak in favour of the bill in the SA House of Assembly.  “Ms Key said the Such bill is not perfect and neither was her previous bill to legalise euthanasia – but she urged all MPs to vote for it,” Mr d’Lima said.
“Steph Key has effectively admitted that it is impossible for a voluntary euthanasia bill to adequately guard against abuse.  That is why MPs should reject the bill,” David d’Lima said.


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