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Does Tony Abbott not care about full-care mums?
Monday, March 25, 2013

“Many Australian voters would be shocked to hear Tony Abbott’s view of mothers who stay home to give full-time care to their babies and toddlers,” FamilyVoice national research officer Ros Phillips said today.
The Madison magazine website has reported the opposition leader’s answer to a question on whether his very generous paid parental leave scheme discriminates against stay-at-home mums: http://www.madisonmag.com.au/news/pop-quiz-with-tony-abbott.htm) .
Tony Abbott: “Well, if you want to get the dough, go into the workforce.” 
“Family mums were outraged at such a thoughtless, uncaring remark,” Ros Phillips said.  “This is revealed by two comments below the article.
“Suzy said: What about stay-at-home mums trying to provide a loving and stable life for our kids???
“Kate said: …It is very hard to  have a career job and look after a family… Pity that society puts no value on child raising.”
“Governments should give all families an equal choice, with the same benefits to home-care mums and paid work mums,” Mrs Phillips said.
“Research shows that children who spend many hours in daycare centres as babies and toddlers are more aggressive and disruptive later on than children raised by full-time mums.  Is Tony Abbott unaware of this?*
“Some researchers say this behaviour is merely ‘bratty’ and nothing to worry about,” Ros Phillips said.  “But teachers know that bratty kids not only disrupt their own education but the education of others as well.  
“Staff turnover means that even high quality childcare centres cannot ensure continuity of one-on-one care by one main carer that is so important for a baby’s social development,” she said.
“Policies that push mums back into the paid workforce when their babies are 12 months old or less are extremely short-sighted.  Ultimately, such policies mean that education standards for all Australian children will fall.  What will happen to our ‘clever country’ then?”


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