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Brothel outcall dangers
Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Legalising brothel home call services would be a disaster for Queensland,” FamilyVoice research officer Ros Phillips said today.  “Rather than eliminating illegal operators, it would further normalise exploitation and put more young women at risk.

“Many people do not realise the internal damage suffered by sex workers during the normal course of ‘business’ – injuries which would never be acceptable in any other business,” Ros Phillips said.  

“These women suffer significant physical and mental pain – leading many of them to try to block out the pain with drugs.  That is why drug abuse and drug running go hand in hand with the sex trade, whether legal or illegal, ” Ros Phillips said. 

Queensland’s high level of organised crime in prostitution has been well documented – at least 40% of sex workers surveyed by the Crime and Misconduct Commission, including both legal and illegal workers, indicated they had been affiliated with members of organised crime groups.  A range of activities, such as importing and selling drugs, illegal immigration, child prostitution and dealing in stolen property was reported.*

“An investigation by The Age and the ABC’s Four Corners showed how sex traffickers are working out of legal brothels.   Jack Dempsey is kidding himself if he believes legalising outcalls would do anything other than play into the hands of organised crime,” Ros Phillips said.

“What is Jack Dempsey doing about the growth in sex trafficking in Queensland mining areas ?” Ros Phillips said. 

“Mr Dempsey urgently needs to read the report of the 2006 inquiry by the Queensland Crime and Misconduct Commission, which recommended against legalising outcall services from licensed brothels because of the risks involved.

“He also needs to send a delegation to Sweden, to learn how their laws have cut sex trafficking in half – the only region to have achieved this goal in recent times.  Queensland’s brothel laws need a rewrite, but not the way the sex trade is proposing.”

* http://www.cmc.qld.gov.au/research-and-publications/publications/legislatiion-review/regulating-prostitution-a-follow-up-review-of-the-prostitution-act-1999.pdf/view


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