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Bestselling author: Australia must keep its Christian roots
Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Bestselling author of The Book that Made Your World Dr Vishal Mangalwadi arrives in Brisbane today from California to embark on a 3-week national speaking tour.

The international lecturer and social reformer will be speaking on “What Good is Christianity? How would Australia look without it?”  in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide and Perth.

“I will present the case that the Australian society is an offspring of the Western civilisation created by the Bible.  It can continue to prosper only if it remains faithful to its Christian roots,” Vishal Mangalwadi said.

“Why are people from so many nations so keen to migrate to Australia?  They want to escape cultures where corruption and oppression make life unbearable, into a superior culture where justice, civility, freedom and peace flourish.

“Australia can be a blessing to other nations, but must not forget the secrets of its success.

“Western decline can be reversed if we return to biblical values,” he said.

Jailed for serving the poor in India, Bible teacher Vishal Mangalwadi began to ask himself: What makes a just and free society? 

What Vishal discovered changed his view of life.  His insights have the potential to change how we look at our nation now – and how we see Australia’s future.

Hear Vishal speak at events hosted by FamilyVoice Australia from 8-24 August.  Details at www.whatgood.net.au


  • Christianity and culture

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