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ACT ‘marriage’ law is a nonsense – ask any tradie
Wednesday, October 23, 2013

“As any tradie can tell you, marriage has always been a joining of two opposites.  You cannot properly unite two of the same,” FamilyVoice research officer Ros Phillips said today.

“By definition, marriage is a complementary, male-female union.  Only that union has the potential to create and raise children with both male and female role models.”

Ros Phillips said the new ACT Marriage Equality Same-Sex Bill, passed 7:8 yesterday does not make sense.  “It is not ‘equality’ to disregard reality.  A same-sex couple will always be different from an opposite sex couple,” she said.

“Let’s not confuse apprentice electricians, plumbers and carpenters in the ACT – lest the lights go out, the drains leak and the chairs collapse in the Legislative Assembly!”


We’re amazed that some journalists have taken our light-hearted comments so seriously – it seems that many have never done woodwork at school! http://news.com.au/lifestyle/gay-marriage/familyvoice-australia-sends-press-release-saying-gay-marriage-will-confuse-tradies/story-fnizhakg-1226746088149

But we hope they have now updated their knowledge of mortice joints and the like, and are ready to embrace the truth universally recognised until very recently – that in general kids do best with their natural married mum and a dad.

If you haven’t liked our page, please do.  If you haven’t signed the petition – please do.  Want to read our research and analysis?  Sign up at www.fava.org.au.  Thank you for supporting what’s good for Australia.


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