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Tasmanian ‘same-sex marriage’ bill offers only false hope
Friday, August 31, 2012

Last night’s passing of the ‘same-sex marriage’ bill in Tasmania’s lower house is another dangerous step towards legislation that will intentionally discriminate against children’s rights to be raised by their own mum or dad, said FamilyVoice Tasmania state officer Jim Collins.

Mr Collins said that the Labor-Greens co-sponsored bill offers a hollow victory built on a false hope.  “The idea that introducing ‘same-sex marriage’ will somehow usher in a new era of equality is misguided,” Mr Collins said.

By focusing solely on so-called adults’ rights, same-sex marriage would subvert the meaning and purpose of marriage.

“Marriage has always been about raising the next generation in the best possible way.  And studies consistently confirm, marriage provides the best setting in which to nurture children.  A stable environment where a child’s mum and dad can provide both male and female role models.”

“Even pro-homosexual sociologists acknowledge that same-sex parenting influences a child’s sexuality.  Children of lesbians are more likely to engage in homosexual behaviour and are less likely to conform to gender norms.”1

“While certain sectors of our society are today celebrating the possibility of ‘same-sex marriage’, the reality is we are selfishly ignoring the best interests of our future generations.  Kids deserve the opportunity to grow up with their own mum and dad.”

“Does Lara Giddings really want to be remembered as the leader of a government that denied children this right?”

“When this legislation reaches the upper house, I hope our MLCs can show common sense and reject this bill’s attempt to create a ‘brave new world’ where children are subject to cynical social experimentation.  It’s high time our government got back to the job of managing our economy and bringing real benefits to families and our wider community,” Mr Collins said.

1.       Judith Stacey and Timothy J Biblarz, “(How) Does the Sexual Orientation of Parents Matter?” American Sociological Review 66 (2001), pp. 159-183.


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