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Senator Conroy’s tragic broken promise
Friday, November 9, 2012

“Australia’s growing epidemic of pornography addiction, triggered by the ready availability of internet porn, is a disaster,” Ros Phillips, national research officer for FamilyVoice Australia, said today. 

“So the news that Senator Conroy has reneged on his election promise of a mandated ISP “clean feed” service is a national tragedy.  His weak compromise – a black list to block only the “worst of the worst” sites – is simply not good enough.”

Ros Phillips said there are mounting reports of children sexually abusing other children – a consequence of our increasingly sexualised society, fostered by internet porn: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/nation/children-sexually-abusing-children-ignored-and-denied/story-e6frg6nf-1225896790165

More evidence of the harms of pornography and the growing number of children exposed to it is available here and here.

“Telling parents to install filters on home computers is not enough,” Ros Phillips said.  “Not even public libraries are required to have filters on their computers – and many children have access to mobile phones which do not have filtered internet.

“I can protect my child from harmful images in my own home.  I cannot protect my child from seeing harmful images on a classmate’s mobile phone in the school yard.  Only a mandated clean feed service by all ISPs, with an opt-out for adults, would solve this problem,” Mrs Phillips said.

Mrs Phillips said the government has a duty of care to protect vulnerable children from material which may harm them – a duty the government has fulfilled by tightening laws on cigarette packaging, for example.

“Pornography is a health issue – it affects mental health, and may affect physical health when it triggers sexual assault,” she said.  “Nicola Roxon, where are you?


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