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'Reject Greens marriage motion': FamilyVoice
Wednesday, May 2, 2012

“Tomorrow, the NSW Legislative Council could debate and vote on a motion by Hon Cate Faehrmann: 

That this House:
(a) supports marriage equality, and
(b) calls on the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia to amend the Commonwealth Marriage Act 1961 to provide for marriage equality,” NSW FamilyVoice state officer Graeme Mitchell said today.

“I have asked upper house MPs to oppose this motion, in the interests of the next generation.”

Mr Mitchell said that, in all times and cultures, marriage has always meant a union of two complementary humans.

“Marriage is the union of a man and a woman – who have the potential (mostly, but not always realised) to create children of the union and who can raise them to maturity in a stable environment with both father and mother role models,” he said.

“Every adult, whether male or female, has an equal right to enter marriage as defined in the Marriage Act 1961.  

“There are of course requirements, as for any other legal agreement that people enter into.  In the case of marriage, the five requirements are that the union is voluntary, exclusive of all others, intended to be lifelong, and between one man and one woman who are not closely related to each other.

“Forced marriages are not in the best interests of the community.  Nor are temporary marriages.  Nor are “swinging” marriages.  Nor are marriages between close relatives, or polygamous or polyandrous marriages.  

“Nor are marriages between two people of the same sex.  They cannot ever provide both father and mother role models for children.  Studies overwhelmingly show that children do best when raised by their married biological parents.

“This nation needs to uphold the ideal of man-woman marriage for the sake of the next generation.”  


  • Marriage and sexuality

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