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Poster girl for 'gay marriage' – or is she?
Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Country and western singer Beccy Cole – famous for her Poster Girl video – came out as a lesbian on the ABC1’s Australian Story this week. 

Beccy was married for two years to the father of her son and does not intend to marry again – but she supports “gay marriage”.  Her son Ricky (13) says his mum was “born that way”.

But FamilyVoice Australia research officer Ros Phillips says Beccy’s story does not support this theory.  “Lady Gaga may sing Born This Way, but there is growing evidence that same-sex attraction is mainly caused by life experiences,” Ros Phillips said.

“Anyone viewing Australian Story on Monday night (23/7/12) would have great sympathy for Beccy,” Ros Phillips said.

“She has always had a close relationship with her mum, but there was no mention of a father in her life. 

“Fifteen years ago, Beccy fell in love with another country musician and married him.  They had a baby – but six or seven months later, he quit the marriage.

“No wonder Beccy felt deeply depressed,” Mrs Phillips said.  “She must have wondered what was wrong with her – apparently rejected by both father and husband.

“In her self-confessed very low state, Beccy watched a TV program about a women’s soccer team where two of the women share a lesbian relationship.  ‘This must be the missing part of my life!’ she said – and her quest for a female partner began.

“But she has not yet found ‘Ms Right’.  Beccy says she has had some ‘shocker’ relationships with women as well as some happy ones, but none has lasted,” Ros Phillips said.

When Beccy Cole told her close friends about her same-sex attraction, they found it hard to believe because she had never shown any romantic interest in women before.  Indeed, Beccy herself says she had not had any such attraction until she watched the women’s soccer program.

“This is clear evidence that sexuality can change over time,” Ros Phillips said.  “It is in line with a large longitudinal US study which found that 72% of boys who were same-sex attracted at age 16 were opposite-sex attracted at age 22.  Of same-sex attracted girls at age 16, 55% were opposite-sex attracted at age 22.1

“Studies of identical twins – with exactly the same DNA and the same hormonal environment in the womb – show that where one twin is homosexual, the other is heterosexual in up to 90% of cases,” Ros Phillips said.2  “Genes are not the main cause of homosexuality.  People can change.” 

Beccy Cole’s marriage to her husband did not endure, but it produced her son – who has a good relationship with both his mum and his dad.

“Every child, like Beccy’s son, deserves a mum and a dad,” Ros Phillips said.  “That is why the Australian parliament needs to keep the age-old meaning of marriage, as a committed exclusive union of a man and a woman.”

  1. Savin-Williams, Ritch C and Ream, Geoffrey L, 2007, “Prevalence and stability of sexual orientation components during adolescence and young adulthood”, Archives of Sexual Behavior, 36 (3), pp 385-394.
  2. Bailey, J Michael et al, 2000, “Genetic and Environmental Influences on Sexual Orientation and Its Correlates in an Australian Twin Sample”, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol 78, No 3, pp 524-536.



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