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Pokies ‘harm minimisation’ is not working
Friday, July 13, 2012

Pokies ‘harm minimisation’ is not working

“Today’s jailing of yet another pokie addict shows that SA’s “harm minimisation” policies are not working,” FamilyVoice SA state officer David d’Lima said today.

Adelaide mum Leanne Scott has been given a six-year jail term for stealing more than $800,000 from two employers to feed her addiction to poker machines.

"I'm not here to make excuses," she said outside the Adelaide Magistrates Court. "I just want to warn people that it could happen to anyone."
"Why is it that not once while I was losing $1000 or $2000 every night, after being at the machines hour after hour, that no-one approached me to ask if I had a problem?" Leanne said.  “If I walked in there, they would still remember me. They knew me by name.”

Last year, SA gaming venues were fined only $8380 (in total) and stripped of licences for only four days, despite multiple breaches of the Responsible Gambling Code of Practice (The Advertiser, 16/12/11).

“The system is failing.  We believe poker machines should be gradually phased out of clubs and pubs – just like WA, which has far fewer problem gamblers as a result,” David d’Lima said.


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