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More violence allowed in new games guidelines
Friday, September 14, 2012

“Many parents will be disappointed with the R18+ computer game guidelines released this week,” FamilyVoice national research officer Ros Phillips said today.

“We were originally promised that the new R18+ category would not allow any more violent or explicit games to be available – rather, some very violent games currently rated MA15+ would be moved up into the adult category to indicate that they are not suitable for children or young teens.

“But this has not happened,” Ros Phillips said.

“None of the very violent games currently classified MA15+ will be reclassified R18+.  Instead, the R18+ category will allow even more violent games to be sold or hired in Australia.”

Mrs Phillips said the R18+ games guidelines released yesterday by federal Justice Minister Jason Clare allow unlimited aggressive coarse language.  Nudity does not have to be justified by context, nor does violence.

“This is not true of the MA15+ guidelines which were, until now, the most restricted games category,” Ros Phillips said.  “The highest impact allowed for MA15+ games is ‘strong’ – but in the new R18+ category, violence, nudity and coarse language can have a greater,  ‘high’ impact.

“This change is disturbing, given that interactive games have a much greater impact on the player than the passive media of films and TV,” Mrs Phillips said.  

“We hope that state and federal censorship ministers will have a big rethink – and keep the promise that was made last year.”


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