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Marriage now ‘good’? I don’t believe you: senator
Tuesday, September 18, 2012

FamilyVoice research officer Ros Phillips has welcomed the insights of four senators who debated so-called “marriage equality” in federal parliament yesterday.

Senator George Brandis (Lib, Qld) openly questioned the motives of many same-sex marriage advocates.  “People on the self-styled progressive Left—have for as long as I can remember, at least since the 1960s, mocked and derided the institution of marriage as being patriarchal, obsolete and illiberal,” he said.  

“All of a sudden, within the last few years, this institution so derided by you has been rediscovered by you as the test of whether or not one cares about the issue of sexuality discrimination.  Senator Hanson-Young, with all due respect, I have very, very great difficulty accepting your sincerity,” Senator Brandis said.

Senator Mark Bishop (ALP, WA) said: “People supportive of this bill support equity as a ground for this bill.  What they seek to do is to extend individual rights to a social group or a social construct.  In doing so, necessarily the extension of that right to a new social group — gay couples—impinges on the rights of another group of individuals: children.”

Senator Ron Boswell (Nats, Qld) said two mothers or two fathers cannot take the place of a father and mother.  “What about a young girl changing from a teenager into a young woman?  Is it fair to say to her, 'You don't have a mother; your mother can't take you shopping' or to not be able to help her understand how her body is changing?”

Senator Boswell said the Australian Education Union has previously stated its gender agenda: “If Australia normalises homosexual marriage, the Australian Education Union's 2006 gender identity policy would be implemented.  Homosexuality, bisexuality, transgenderism and the intersexed need to be normalised.   All curricula should be written in non-heterosexist language.”  Parents would not be allowed a conscientious objection to the normalisation of homosexual behaviour.

Senator Chris Back (Lib, WA) pointed out the lack of logic in those who say marriage is “discriminatory”.  

He said: “It is a nonsense for the rest of Australia to say: 'I'm disadvantaged. I'm discriminated against.  It's unequal that I'm not called senator therefore I want to call myself senator.' ”  He said those who aspire to be senators have to fulfil certain criteria (just as those who aspire to be married have to be a man and a woman).

Yesterday Greens leader Senator Christine Milne acknowledged that children have a right to know their genetic make-up.  But Ros Phillips has pointed out that there is no provision for such a right in this or any other legislation – and the reality is that most gamete donors for children created for same-sex couples, often overseas, remain anonymous.

“We need to question the Greens’ motives in seeking to change the fundamental meaning of marriage,” Ros Phillips said.


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