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Magda and marriage
Friday, February 17, 2012

Aussie film and TV star Magda Szubanski “came out” as a lesbian and “gay marriage” supporter on Valentine’s Day – with strong backing from the media. 

The Age (16/2) wrote an editorial applauding her stand and condemning the “discrimination” of man-woman marriage.

But both Magda and The Age are confused.  The complementary man-woman meaning of marriage does not discriminate – all Australians have the right to marry.  There are a few requirements, of course, but they apply equally to everyone. 

Intending spouses must be atleast 18; not coerced; not close relatives; a couple (not three or more); a man and a woman.

Removing the requirement for spouses to be a man-woman couple is apparently only the first item on the “marriage equality” agenda.  Sydney’s Mardi Gras parade on 3 March will feature a “polyamory” float – groups of three or more who want the “right to marry”.  Brothers and sisters may soon be clamouring for their marriage rights as well.

The Coalition has so far continued to keep its 2010 election promise to retain the meaning marriage has always had – a stand not based on religion, but common sense and the future welfare of the nation.


  • Marriage and sexuality

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