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Is democracy dying in the ACT?
Thursday, October 18, 2012

FamilyVoice Australia sent a five question survey on family and faith issues to the major parties contesting the ACT election on 20 October – but the response indicates a disturbing disdain for democracy by the current Labor government.

“Initially Labor headquarters said they would get back to us with a party response,” said FamilyVoice NSW and ACT officer Graeme Mitchell.  “When that failed to arrive, we phoned every day to see if it was in the pipeline.

“Finally we were told today that the Labor party did not want to respond to our survey at all.  Does this mean that the Labor government does not want voters to know its policies – so they cannot make an informed decision when they number their preferences on Saturday?  We have scored the Labor response as ‘No comment  = 20,“ Graeme Mitchell said.

The Greens were much more forthcoming.  They disagreed with FamilyVoice on most issues, but scored full marks for their policy of tightening laws on poker machines, the most addictive form of gambling.  Their total score was 40.

The Liberals were polite, but disorganised.  Their party response was extracted from a supporter after many phone calls.  They support the time-honoured meaning of marriage and oppose the introduction of divisive religious vilification laws, but are unlikely to ban X-rated DVDs or clamp down on poker machines.  Euthanasia would be a conscience vote.  The Liberals scored 62.


The Greens survey response to the five questions is attached.

A survey on euthanasia was conducted by Hope - results here.


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