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Election survey results reveal deep divide
Tuesday, March 20, 2012

We are pleased to announce the results of our FamilyVoice Queensland state election survey,” Queensland FamilyVoice state officer Geoffrey Bullock said today.

“We are delighted that our website (www.fava.org.au/election-surveys/queensland/ ) now records responses for most candidates – via a personal reply, or indirectly via the response prepared by their party.  The results reveal a deep divide in party attitudes.

“Our ten questions on issues such as prayers in parliament, child pornography, human cloning and restoration of the Legislative Council, are often ignored by the mainstream media,” Mr Bullock said.  “They are not the only issues of concern to Queenslanders – but many people tell us the answers are helpful when deciding their preferences in the polling booth.”

The survey allocated scores that indicate the strength of agreement with the question – yes definitely, probably, unsure, unlikely, definitely not or no comment.  Family First, Katter’s Australian Party and One Nation parties all received a top score of 100 for answering “yes definitely” to all ten questions.
On the opposite side of the divide were the Queensland Greens, who scored 31.  

“We appreciated the clarity of the Greens’ answers,” Geoffrey Bullock said.  “They disagree with our stand on most issues except for the upper house – but they didn’t waffle.”

In marked contrast was Campbell Newman, who replied on behalf of all Liberal National Party candidates.  “He deserves a degree in waffling,” Mr Bullock said.  “His score – 54 – was a disappointing bare pass.”

And the Bligh Labor government?  They didn’t waffle – so far they haven’t replied at all, despite many promises from their headquarters implying that the “cheque is in the mail”.

“Watch this space,” said Geoffrey Bullock.  “In the meantime, we have given Labor temporary scores based on ALP policies while in government.  Their total comes to 31 just like the Greens, but for different reasons.  

“Labor doesn’t want to restore Queensland’s upper house, but they would continue parliamentary prayers,” Mr Bullock said.

For the full range of party responses, see: http://www.fava.org.au/survey-party-replies-qld/

For results in each electorate, see: http://polls.fol.org.au/survey/e/31/q/46/view 


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