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Civil partnerships compromise fails Queensland kids
Monday, June 11, 2012

“The Civil Partnerships Act should be fully, not partly repealed,” FamilyVoice Queensland state officer Geoffrey Bullock said today.

“Removing only the ceremony section of the law is pointless because anyone can have a ceremony regardless of the law.  

“The part of the law which mimics marriage is the registration of same-sex relationships within the Queensland Register of Births, Deaths and Marriages.  That section sends the message that same-sex unions are  effectively marriages, and undermines the true meaning of marriage – a man-woman union.” Mr Bullock said. 

“Man-woman marriage is the domestic relationship that provides the best place for children and which governments have a duty to promote.  A new study of 3,000 randomly selected US adults, some of whom were raised by same-sex couples, has shown that those raised by married mum-and-dad parents do better than others on a large range of measures.

“The research, by Dr Mark Regnerus of the University of Texas, uses gold standard methodology – unlike most  same-sex parenting studies which have small non-random samples, invalid control groups, and evaluation by the parents themselves.”

Geoffrey Bullock said Premier Newman should keep his election promise to repeal the whole Civil Partnerships Act.  

“We do not see why repeal would not be possible – given that the LNP has also promised to repeal the regional councils law which has been operating for several years.  The LNP also opposed the civil partnership bill when it was introduced last year,” Mr Bullock said. 

“Same-sex couples have had plenty of notice that repeal of the Civil Partnerships Act is a distinct possibility, so they cannot claim they were not warned.  Such couples already have the option of obtaining legal documents establishing their relationships, including medical powers of attorney, wills, next‐of‐kin declarations, etc.

“The government could offer legal advice in such areas, ensuring that the couples rights are protected,” Mr Bullock said.  “But Queensland children also have rights – to a mum and a dad.  For that reason, the meaning of marriage should not be confused or diluted.”


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