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Are pub brothels now legal in Queensland?
Thursday, August 9, 2012

FamilyVoice Queensland state officer Geoffrey Bullock has congratulated Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie for his move to appeal the QCAT decision supporting a sex worker’s right to ply her trade in a motel.

“The Tribunal decision could have disturbing consequences,” Mr Bullock said today.  “If one prostitute can legally service clients in hotel or motel bedroom, then ten or more prostitutes could do the same thing in separate rooms in the same hotel.  There would be nothing the manager or owner could do about it.

“The Tribunal has shown that our 1999 Prostitution Act is an ass,” Geoffrey Bullock said.  “It treats prostitution as a normal business – but it is far from normal.

“The Woodward report, Selling sex in Queensland 2003, noted that the mental health of Queensland sex workers is significantly worse than that of other women and their drug use is much higher.  This is not normal!”

Geoffrey Bullock said the Moranbah motel decision highlights the need for a number of changes to Queensland laws, including unfair Anti-Discrimination Act provisions.

“We also need to revisit prostitution law,” Mr Bullock said.  “Our current Prostitution Act, which has seen a boom in illegal forms of prostitution and sex trafficking, should be replaced by the Nordic model of prostitution law.  This model, now adopted by Sweden, Norway, Iceland and South Korea, bans the purchase of sex services and has cut sex trafficking rates in half.”


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