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ACT civil union law is a backward step
Thursday, August 23, 2012

Attorney-General Simon Corbell’s intention to develop same-sex “marriage” laws in the ACT ignores the reality that children need a mum and a dad – preferably both their biological parents, says FamilyVoice NSW & ACT state officer Graeme Mitchell. 

“The same-sex civil union bill passed by the ACT government yesterday clearly mimics marriage.  Mr Corbell’s announcement that he is working on developing a territory-based same-sex ‘marriage’ law further shows his intention to alter the meaning of marriage step by step.  This  ignores the fundamental procreative nature of marriage,” Graeme Mitchell said.

Mr Mitchell warned that shifting the focus from raising the next generation of children to satisfying the desires and emotions of adults would have a negative impact on society.  Increasing scientific evidence affirms the different but complementary parenting styles of fathers and mothers.  

“Redefining marriage to include same-sex couples would enshrine in law the idea that there are no differences between fatherhood and motherhood,” Graeme Mitchell said.  “The two best mothers in the world cannot be a father, and vice versa.

“Marriage redefinition proposals are based on a faulty understanding of marriage – one based on the desires of adults rather than the optimal environment for raising the next generation.

“I commend Vicki Dunne MLC for expressing the Liberal party’s opposition to the civil unions bill .  I urge the government to reconsider its proposal to redefine marriage,” Mr Mitchell said.


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