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WA Prostitution Bill: a pimp’s picnic
Thursday, November 3, 2011

“WA Attorney-General Christian Porter’s Prostitution Bill 2011 tabled today would repeal all laws against those who profit from the prostitution of others,” said Ros Phillips, national research officer for FamilyVoice Australia.  “If passed, it would usher in a pimp’s picnic!”

Mrs Phillips said the legislation would give WA police power to close down brothels operating without a licence or in suburban residential areas.  It would prohibit the dangerous escort trade, along with mobile phone numbers in brothel advertisements.  “It all sounds fine – until you stop and think,” Ros Phillips said. 

“Why can’t the government give police adequate powers to act against all pimps, escorts and brothels – right now?

“The huge flaw in this bill is that it would legalise and normalise the sex trade,” Mrs Phillips said.

“Pimps and madams would be able to operate openly, enticing attractive 18 year olds (male and female) to get rich quick in a legal brothel.  Too many teens would discover too late that their money comes at a huge cost in terms of physical and mental pain.  Illicit drug use often follows,” she said.

“Just weeks ago, on 10 October, the ABC’s Four Corners program showed horrific scenes of pimps and sex trafficking which is taking place in the eastern states – in legal brothels,” Ros Phillips said.

“The problem is increasing, despite NSW and Victorian government law changes designed to curb it.  Western Australia would not be any different should this bill pass – the current criminals who suddenly gain respectability under its provisions are no more likely to obey the law in all respects than they do now.

“I strongly urge Mr Porter to go back to the drawing board and start again!” she said.


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