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Steph Key’s disastrous new brothel bill
Thursday, June 2, 2011

“Steph Key says five, but there have actually been six attempts to legalise or decriminalise brothels in SA since 1979 (Millhouse, Pickles, Gilfillan, Brindal, Cameron and several bills introduced concurrently under the Olsen government),” says Ros Phillips, research officer for FamilyVoice Australia, who helped mount a campaign against all of them.

“Each attempt failed after MPs, initially supportive, realised their implications,” Mrs Phillips said.

In mid 2000, Hon Steve Condous, a former Adelaide Lord Mayor and MP for Colton, decided to check what was happening in Sydney’s decriminalised brothels.  His interviews with the girls revealed chronic abuse and depression – a very different story from the one told by madams and brothel owners.

“Steph Key’s latest attempt to decriminalise brothels, outlined in today’s media, is worse than any of the previous six,” Ros Phillips said.

“One of its disastrous features would allow three prostitutes to operate a brothel next to suburban homes without any controls by government or police.

“Asian sex traffickers would be over the moon.

“There has been an enormous outcry against the abuse of our cattle slaughtered in Indonesian abattoirs.  How sad that Ms Key does not appear to care about the abuse of trafficked women, sometimes treated worse than cattle, in states like NSW where decriminalisation of brothels has led to a prostitution boom which neither police nor councils are able to control,” Ros Phillips said.

See http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/opinion/sex-out-of-control-in-sydney/story-e6frezz0-1225713050276


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