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Prime Minister receives 32,297 letters supporting man-woman marriage
Friday, May 20, 2011

Three representatives from FamilyVoice Australia – national president Dr David Phillips, research officer Ros Phillips and SA state officer David d’Lima – last night presented Prime Minister Julia Gillard with an open letter on marriage which has been signed by 32,297 Australians across the nation.

The presentation took place at Modbury Heights SA, where the Prime Minister chaired a community cabinet meeting.

Ms Gillard said she greatly appreciated receiving the letters.  She reiterated her support for the meaning marriage has had throughout recorded history.

A covering letter to the Prime Minister said:

Dear Ms Gillard,

Thank you for your support of the true meaning of marriage as a man-woman union with the potential to produce children with both a mum and a dad.

We want you to know that many other Australians from across the nation also applaud you for this stand.  We are enclosing an open letter 32,297 voters have signed, asking you to ensure that your government continues to uphold the true meaning of marriage – and we have attached a long list of all their names and postcodes.

We can provide more details if required – the letters themselves would create a pile over four metres high.  We have enclosed a photo of some of our FamilyVoice workers with a pile of less than 20,000 signed letters to give you some idea.

We have been overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response to our open letter.  It indicates that there is a strong groundswell of support for your views on marriage which is often not reported in the mainstream media.

Yours sincerely,

Dr David Phillips          Mrs Roslyn Phillips          David d’Lima


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