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NSW Labor and Coalition fail family values survey
Tuesday, March 22, 2011

“Our NSW election survey – with ten questions relating to family, life and democracy – has revealed very little difference between the two major parties,” NSW FamilyVoice state officer Graeme Mitchell said today.

“Both Labor and the Liberal-Nationals Coalition were a disappointment.  Each scored a total of 44 out of a possible 100, but varied in their responses to different questions.

“The scores reflect the degree to which the parties support our concerns, so a score of 44 indicates ‘not much’.  The Greens scored even less – 25 – because they strongly disagreed with us on every issue except phasing out poker machines,” Graeme Mitchell said.

“However in both major parties there are individual candidates who generally support family values.  Nationals leader Andrew Stoner (Oxley) scored 92.  Tony Hay (Labor candidate for Baulkham Hills) scored 73.  Minor parties – the Christian Democratic Party (CDP) and Family First – achieved perfect scores of 100.

“Both Labor and the Coalition support the tradition of opening each parliamentary day with Christian prayers.  Labor also supports maintaining the current law against euthanasia, and providing good palliative care at the end of life,” Mr Mitchell said.

The survey results – including major party replies to the ten questions – can be found on the FamilyVoice website at:


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