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Labor MPs speak out on family values
Friday, October 7, 2011

This week, SA federal Labor MPs Tony Zappia and Amanda Rishworth publicly supported marriage as a man-woman union.  They also expressed concern about media trends, calling for higher standards.

Tony Zappia, MP
On Tuesday 4 October, Tony Zappia addressed a meeting of 50 FamilyVoice supporters who are constituents in his Makin electorate in Modbury, north east Adelaide.  They were among the over 32,000 Australians who have signed an open letter to PM Julia Gillard, thanking her for backing man-woman marriage.

FamilyVoice SA state officer David d’Lima presented Mr Zappia with a copy of the letter and the signatories, along with research showing the unique benefits of man-woman marriage to children and the community.

Tony Zappia welcomed the presentation (see attached photos).  “Currently, marriage is defined as a relationship between a man and a woman.  I’ve not been persuaded that we should change that view,” he said. 

“If you discount various organised campaigns, a majority of letters I have received from constituents do not want to change the marriage definition.” 

Mr Zappia also believes that any change to the definition should only occur if backed by a referendum of the Australian people, since marriage has an implied “man-woman” meaning in the Australian Constitution.

Tony Zappia said he has deep concerns about the influence of modern media.  "Every time I switch on the TV, I’m amazed at the level of violence and weirdness, and I have no doubt this is affecting the minds of today’s generation," he said.  "In some of the shows on television and in many video games, human life is almost meaningless and valueless. 

“Not surprisingly, you start to find a link between the way people's minds have adjusted to what they are constantly confronted with…  If societies and peoples adhered to the Christian values which underpin our laws, we wouldn’t have these problems," Mr Zappia said.

Amanda Rishworth, MP

On Thursday 6 October, David d’Lima made a similar presentation of the open letter to Amanda Rishworth MP in Christies Beach south of Adelaide, backed by 25 FamilyVoice supporters from the Kingston electorate.

Ms Rishworth said her electorate is equally divided on the definition of marriage. "But it’s not a burning issue in the electorate, compared to education and health," she said.

Like Tony Zappia, Ms Rishworth is concerned about the impact of modern media, particularly on girls’ sense of identity.

"I’m really concerned about the sexualisation of girls through the flood of explicit clips on television and the really negative impact on self image," she said.

Photos (higher resolution photos available):
1.     David d’Lima (left, centre) presents Tony Zappia MP with an open letter on marriage, backed by 50 Makin constituents on 4 October.
2.     David d’Lima (left) presents Tony Zappia MP with an open letter on marriage in Modbury SA on 4 October

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