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Human Centipede crushed
Tuesday, November 29, 2011

“We congratulate the Classification Review Board for its unanimous decision to classify the “torture porn” film The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence) as Refused Classification,” Ros Phillips, national research officer for FamilyVoice Australia, said today.

“Earlier this year we were shocked to learn that the uncut version of this horrific film had been passed by Australia’s Classification Board as R18+ - but had been banned by the British Board of Film Classifcation (BBFC),” Mrs Phillips said.

The BBFC commented: “There is little attempt to portray any of the victims in the film as anything other than objects to be brutalised, degraded and mutilated for the amusement and arousal of the central character, as well as for the pleasure of the audience.”

FamilyVoice provided the Classification Review Board with a substantial submission, explaining in detail why Australia’s classification guidelines require scenes in Human Centipede 2 to be Refused Classification.

“On behalf of Australian families, we thank the Board for its unanimous agreement,” Ros Phillips said. “Pornography based on human torture has no place on Australian screens.”


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