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Win for adopted children
Thursday, January 7, 2010

Adopted children, like other children, do best when raised by a mother and a father," says Ros Phillips, national research officer for FamilyVoice Australia.

"We congratulate the Keneally government for deciding not the change the NSW adoption law at this stage, despite the big push by activists to allow homosexual couples to adopt children.

"Very few NSW babies are released for adoption these days," Ros Phillips said.  "They need the best parents we can provide, including role models for both sexes – male and female.   Despite the nonsense you sometimes hear, men and women are different.  Children learn different things from each.

"Moreover the best available Australian research shows that children raised by same-sex partners rate significantly worse in school achievements and classroom behaviour and show more gender confusion than children raised by married couples."*

Mrs Phillips said nearly a thousand people have personally signed open letters to the NSW Premier requesting no change to the current adoption law. 

"We have now presented copies of these open letters to every NSW member of parliament," she said. 

"We thank the government for listening, and for putting the needs of children before the wants of adults."

*Sarantakos, S, "Children in three contexts", Children Australia, 1996, Vol 21, No 3.


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