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WA euthanasia bill puts vulnerable people at risk
Friday, May 21, 2010

FamilyVoice Australia has warned that the euthanasia bill to be introduced in the WA Legislative Council today by Greens MP Robin Chapple would put the lives of vulnerable elderly, disabled and sick people at grave risk.

FamilyVoice spokesman Richard Egan said: "We have already seen what happened with euthanasia in the Northern Territory in the 1990s.  A study of those who died under that law showed that its so-called safeguards were often ignored.  Some patients were not terminally ill at all, but had untreated depression.

“If there is a doctor keen on giving lethal injections, then people who are demoralised, suffering depression, or getting inadequate medical treatment, will die needlessly if euthanasia is legalised," Richard Egan said.

"The Chapple euthanasia bill has fewer safeguards than the Northern Territory bill.  It does not require any specialist involvement in diagnosing disease, or discussing treatment or palliative care options with the patient.  Referral to a psychiatrist is optional.  This means that people would be killed by lethal injection who may have been misdiagnosed or who are suffering treatable depression.

“No doubt Dr Philip Nitschke, who has advised people who think they have Alzheimer's disease not to seek specialist diagnosis, will be first in line to offer lethal injections to Western Australians," Mr Egan said.

FamilyVoice Australia will campaign actively against this Bill.

"Once members of parliament are given the evidence about how a euthanasia bill would work in practice, they have voted against it.  We will make sure they have that evidence," Mr Egan said. 

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