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WA euthanasia bill defeat is a setback for the radical agenda
Thursday, September 23, 2010

Richard Egan, national policy officer of FamilyVoice Australia, has welcomed the decisive 24:11 defeat of the Greens’ Voluntary Euthanasia Bill 2010 in the Western Australian Legislative Council in the early hours of this morning.

“The defeat of this bill is a significant defeat for the radical agenda of the Greens and their fellow travellers,” Mr Egan said.

"The laws that govern our society are based on thousands of years of Judaism and Christianity.  The Commandment, You shall do no murder, protects each of our lives – especially those of the weakest and most vulnerable: the elderly, the disabled, the isolated and the depressed,” Mr Egan said.

“The euthanasia bill of Greens MLC Robin Chapple would have turned doctors from being healers and carers into killers.  It would have authorised doctors to give those 'who had no desire to continue living' a lethal dose of a drug, with the specific goal of directly killing them.

“While the bill would initially have applied only to the apparently terminally ill, Mr Chapple admitted during the parliamentary debate that he considered that this was just a 'good start',” Mr Egan said.  “Further categories of people could be added later.

"When parliaments in Australia and elsewhere have looked carefully at euthanasia proposals, they have rejected them as too dangerous.  We hope the decisive defeat of this bill in Western Australia will help secure the resounding defeat of similar proposals in Tasmania, South Australia, New South Wales and the Commonwealth,” Mr Egan said.


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