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Victorian tribunal denies religious freedom
Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Victorians may no longer be free to act on their religious beliefs, after the VCAT ruling against a church campsite on Phillip Island,” FamilyVoice Victoria state officer Peter Stevens said today.


 Pastor Stevens said he believed the ruling could force church groups to facilitate the aims of groups with completely opposing agendas.


 “No one would expect a campsite run by a homosexual group to hire out their premises to a Christian ministry offering help to homosexuals.  On the same principle, a Christian ministry should not be forced to offer its campsite to a group that tells young people that homosexuality is a great, healthy lifestyle,” Pastor Stevens said.


 “I am very concerned that this decision was based on the law as it stood before recent changes weakening provisions protecting religious freedom,” Pastor Stevens said.  “Churches, religious based schools and service organisation are all threatened by this ruling, and by the changes to the Equal Opportunity Act.


 "With a state election due on 27 November, many voters will be looking for a guarantee that freedom of religion will be restored in Victoria.”


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